Par Quota League

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The par quota league is played on Tuesday’s beginning at 8:30 AM. Players register prior to playing. After registering, players may begin playing the 9 hole round if they have another registered player(s) to accompany them.  In a change this year, matches are to be played on Tuesday to simplify record keeping and expedite the payout. This league can be joined at any time throughout the year.

The reckoning for this type play is based on a modified Stableford scoring system as follows:

  1. Eagle          5 points
  2. Birdie         3 points
  3. Par            2 points
  4. Bogey         1 point
  5. Worse         0 points

For point of reference, if no eagles or triple bogeys are scored, a 36 yields 18 points with each additional stroke being 1 less point to 54 where 0 points are accumulated. If a high handicapper scores 1 bogey and 1 par with the other holes being double or worse, he would have 3 points.

A default quota is determined for a new player from an estimate of his average score or an established handicap. Quotas are adjusted each week based on the last twenty scores much the same as handicaps. The best ten scores are averaged and multiplied by 0.9 to come up with the new quota. This quota is subtracted from his point total and that is the net score in a given round.

For example if your quota is 12 and you shoot a routine 45, you would have a score of 9(points earned with a 45) – 12 for a net of -3.

For the first three events, a player is in the bubble. That means he/she can not score a net outside +/- 2 points. The default quota is used as the first three scores for each person. If a default quota proves to be greatly wrong it may be adjusted.

After the round is recorded, teams are randomly drawn. The “team” may consist of 1 through 4 players. The team net is the sum of each individual  net. The top teams are winners for the week. Prizes are awarded to the number of teams dictated by participation. Typically 2 or three teams win prizes.

With 16 or less players only 1 team wins. If the “team” is 1 or 2 players, the top 4 players are awarded first place, the next 4 players are awarded second place, etc. The final week results for 2017 can be seen from the links below.

After the regular season, those players with a minimum of 13 rounds played are eligible for the double elimination handicapped match play tournament. There are two brackets. One for the higher handicaps and one for the lower handicaps. Several days are given for each round of the matches to be played. This tournament is 5 or 6 weeks being decided. The 2017 tournament brackets can be seen from the links below.

Congratulations to Yancy “Dog” Weddington who defeated Scotty in the finals of the Lower Handicap division and to George Hinshaw who defeated Dan Fender in the finals of the Higher Handicap Division.  Yancy is to be congratulated on winning the overall championship for 2017. He defeated George in the final match. Thanks to all for their participation in a great tournament.

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